Doctoral Student Forum (DSF)


This Doctoral Student Forum (DSF) is held in the conjunction with GCCCE 2016, aiming to provide an opportunity for doctoral students to present, discuss and receive feedback on their work-in-progress research from their peers and a panel of established researchers in the related areas. All accepted submissions will be published in the GCCCE 2016 Doctoral Student Forum proceedings.

The DSF is organized to bring together doctoral students working in the following areas:

  • C1: Science of Learning, Computer Supported Collaborative Learning, and Artificial Intelligence in Education
  • C2: Digital Classroom, Mobile and Ubiquitous Learning
  • C3: Joyful Learning and Society
  • C4: Technology in Higher Education and Human Performance
  • C5: Teacher Professional Development and Educational Policy
  • C6: Technology Enhanced Language Learning
  • C7: Learning Analysis and Assessment
  • C8: Digital Technology, Innovation, and Education

Submission Requirements and Method

We welcome all interested doctoral students to submit their work related to the above themes to the DSF.


  • Cover (with the proposed thesis title, the supervisor name and his/her contact information, as well as the author’s name and contact information).
  • Thesis proposal (not more than 5 pages, aligning with the GCCCE paper format), including the following elements:
    • Research aim
    • Research background
    • Research methodology
    • Current milestone of the research or the results attained so far
    • Upcoming work

The above two materials (Cover and Thesis Proposal) should be put in one MS Word or PDF file for submission. All submissions should be emailed to

Program committee


Morris S. Y. Jong

Chinese University of Hong Kong


Liang, Jyh-chong

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Bredy Su

Zhejiang University

Tom Chan

The Chinese University of Hong Kong