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C1: Science of Learning, Computer Supported Collaborative Learning, and Artificial Intelligence in Education

C2: Digital Classroom, Mobile and Ubiquitous Learning

C3: Joyful Learning and Society

C4: Technology in Higher Education and Human Performance

C5: Teacher Professional Development and Educational Policy

C6: Technology Enhanced Language Learning

C7: Learning Analysis and Assessment

C8: Digital Technology, Innovation, and Education

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Contributions should be made in English or in Chinese
(Full paper: 8 pages; Short paper: 4 pages; Poster* 2 pages).

* Poster papers should be made in 2 pages of the paper template file. Please submit a poster paper in a file with no more than 2 pages.

For Chinese papers, the title, abstract, and keywords should be provided with both Chinese and English versions.

The paper should be uploaded onto the Paper Submission System in PDF file format.

Please use the "Paper Template File" here ( [Chinese] [English] ) for preparing your paper.

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