Sub-conference C7:
Learning Analytics and Assessment

In the cloud computing and big data era, a huge amount of educational and learning behavioral data can be collected anywhere and anytime. Teachers and students will benefit from real-time feedback provided by data-driven tools. It becomes a new challenge to discover meaningful patterns from the fast growing educational data and offer adaptive learning paths and guidance to facilitate learners in the so-called ”smart education and learning” environment. This track focuses on the design, methodology, models, technology and application research of learning analytics and assessment. It aims at providing an open platform for international scholars to share knowledge, experience, ideas and strategies and work together to clarify the research directions in this field.

The scope of papers will cover but not be limited to:

  1. Learning analytics methods and tools design
  2. Learning analytics supported educational decision-making
  3. Visualization of learning analytics
  4. Learning analytics in MOOCs
  5. Data-driven learning diagnosis and evaluation
  6. Data-driven instructional intervention
  7. Applications of learning analytics tools
  8. Adaptive learning technology and environment

Note: we also welcome new topics besides the above-mentioned

Paper submission:

  1. Authors should prepare submissions either in English or in Chinese (Long paper: 8 pages; Short paper: 4 pages; Poster: 2 pages). Submissions written in Chinese should include the title, abstract and keywords written in both Chinese and English.
  2. Authors should submit papers in the Microsoft Word format. Please make use of the paper template provided on the conference website for preparing submissions.
  3. Authors should make submissions by uploading papers onto the Submission System of the conference.

Executive Chair of the sub-conference:

Tak-Lam WONG

The Hong Kong Institute of Education

Co-Chairs of the sub-conference:

Gaowei CHEN

The University of Hong Kong

Junjie SHANG

Peking University

Fati WU

Beijing Normal University

Program committee members:

CHANG, Chih-Kai

National University of Tainan

CHEN, Hong-Ren

National Taichung University of Education

CHEN, Guang

Beijing Normal University

CHEN, Wayne

East China Normal Univeristy

CHENG, Shein-Yung

Chung Yuan Christian University

FENG, Liu Eric Zhi

National Central University

HUANG, Cheng Shu

Hwa Hsia University of Technology

LEE, Tsung-Ju

Penghu University of Science and Technology

LEE, Yuan-Hsuan

National Taichung University of Education

LEE, Chien I Lee

National University of Tainan

Li, Li

Soochow University

LI, Yubin

Liaoning Normal University

Li, Yan

Zhejiang University

LIAO, Calvin C. Y.

National Central University

LIU, Geping

Southwest University

LIU, Qingtang

Central China Normal University

LIU, Sanya

Central China Normal University

MA, ZhiQiang

JiangNan University

MENG, Lingling

East China Normal University

SU, Jun-Ming

National University of Tainan

SUN, Jerry Chih-Yuan

National Chiao Tung University

SUN, Koun-Tem

National University of Tainan

WANG, Kai-li

Shenyang Normal University


The Capital& Normal University

WANG, Tzone I

National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan


Xinjiang Normal University

WANG, Cun-you

Nanjing Normal University

Dr. WU, Jiun-Yu

National Chiao Tung University​ ​

WU, Yonghe

East China Normal University


Shanghai Open University 

XU, Peng

Northeast Normal University

YU, Shuyu

Northwest Normal University

ZHAN, Qinglong

Tianjin University of Technology and Education


Yangzhou University

ZHANG, Wenlan

Shaanxi Normal University


Central China Normal University

ZHOU, Yueliang

Zhejiang Normal University