Sub-conference C6:
Technology Enhanced Language Learning

In response to the global Chinese demand for research diversity, GCCCE 2016 on Technology Enhanced Language Learning (TELL) (C6) offers the opportunities for the exchange of state-of-the-arts research and development in the related field, creating favorable conditions for language learners, such as individual and well-targeted language skills practices, simultaneous correction feedback, society interaction etc. As more studies on exploration and application arise, language learners can focus more efforts on learning to further understand how language learning theory effectively unites with the cutting edge technology development. TELL contributes to the advancement of first, second and foreign language learning with the aid of Information and Communication Technology. The main objective of the sub-conference is to stimulate dialogues among TELL scholars and practitioners so as to gain insights into and synergy of the theories, pedagogies, technological design and evaluation of TELL environments for comprehending the trend and strategies of the new era as well as investigate the possibility of future cooperation direction.

The scope of papers will cover but not be limited to:

  1. Theoretical foundations and perspectives of TELL
  2. Technologies and applications for TELL
  3. Hardware for TELL
  4. Learning strategy and learning styles for TELL
  5. Development of digital contents for TELL
  6. Technology-assisted language learning assessments and evaluations for TELL
  7. Blended learning and blended curriculum of TELL
  8. Socio-cultural perspectives related to TELL
  9. Teacher professional development for school-based deployment of TELL
  10. TELL in open, distance, flexible, blended and seamless learning contexts
  11. TELL for informal learning (such as, in libraries, careers, and social network…)
  12. Mobile assisted language learning and seamless language learning
  13. Expanded implementation and policy issues relevant to TEL

Note: we also welcome new topics besides the above-mentioned

Paper submission:

  1. Authors should prepare submissions either in English or in Chinese (Long paper: 8 pages; Short paper: 4 pages; Poster: 2 pages). Submissions written in Chinese should include the title, abstract and keywords written in both Chinese and English.
  2. Authors should submit papers in the Microsoft Word format. Please make use of the paper template provided on the conference website for preparing submissions.
  3. Authors should make submissions by uploading papers onto the Submission System of the conference.

Executive Chair of the sub-conference:


The Hong Kong Institute of Education

Co-Chairs of the sub-conference:

Yu-Ju Lan

National Taiwan Normal University

Jie-Chi Yang

National Central University

Juan Wu

Beijing Normal University

Program committee members:

Guat Poh Aw

Nanyang Technological University

Shaoming Chai

South China Normal University

Esther Chan

Hong Kong Institute of Education

Chiu-Jung Chen

National Chia-Yi University

Dongdong Chen

Seton Hall University

Ling Chen

Beijing Normal University

Li-Yu Chen

National Taiwan Normal University

Minglei Chen

National Hsinchu University of Education

Tzu-Ching Chen

Kainan University

Hsiu-Jen Cheng

National Kaohsiung Normal University

Sherry Cheng

National Pin-Tung University of Science and Technology

Melissa Hui-Mei Fan

National Central University

Hock Huan Goh

Singapore Centre for Chinese Language

Ying-Hua Guan

National Taiwan Normal University

Wen-Bing Horng

Tamkang University

Yu-Ting (Indy) HSIAO

National Taiwan Normal University

Chia-Ling Hsieh

National Taiwan Normal University

Hsiu-Ting Hung

National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology

Jiyou Jia

Peking University

Jia-Jiunn Lo

Chung-Hua University

Jianhua Bai

Kenyon College

Ho-Cheong Lam

Hong Kong Institute of Education

Li Li

Singapore Centre for Chinese Language

Calvin C. Y. Liao

National Central University

Chih-Cheng Lin

National Taiwan Normal University

Chiu-Pin Lin

National Hsinchu University of Education

Hsien-Chin Liou

Feng Chia University

Hsueh-Jui (Sarah) LIU

Kainan University

Min Liu

University of Texas at Austin

Pei-Lin Liu

National Chia-Yi University

Xiaofei Lu

Pennsylvanania State University

Caesar Lun

City University of Hong Kong

Shu, Zhaomin

National Taitung University

Chung Mou Si

Hong Kong Institute of Education

Seok Hwa Sim

Ministry of Education, Singapore

Chien-Chiu Sun

National Taipei University of Education

Tomiko Yuyama

Seikei University

Ya-Hsun Tsai

National Taiwan Normal University

Meng-Ping Tsuei

National Taipei University of Education

Lung-Hsiang Wong

National Institute of Education, Singapore

Vivien Wen-Chi Wu

Providence University

Tim Xie

California State University

Hongbing Xing

Beijing Language and Culture University

Stephen J. H. Yang

National Central University

Hui-Chin Yeh

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

Ai-Chun Yen

National Dong Hwa University

Liang-Chih Yu

Yuan Ze University

Liming Zhang

University of Macau

Zheng-Sheng Zhang

San Diego State University